January 5, 2021

  • Updated
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Add Retrosynthesis Email Option

An option to be notified by email when a retrosynthesis plan is complete was added to the retrosynthesis Plan Options page. The option is initially not selected by default; however, selecting the option becomes a remembered preference after submitting a target for retrosynthetic analysis.


Additionally, all requests for retrosynthetic analysis now flow through the Plan Options page. The Set Plan Options link on the structure thumbnail when Reactions search is selected was removed, and clicking the Create Retrosynthesis Plan button now directs the user to the Plan Options page.


Add Collective Index (CI) Values to Substance Name Displays

Collective Index values now display along the corresponding substance index name and other names on Substance Detail pages and in PDF and RTF downloads.


Combine Alert Results

This feature provides the ability to view the results for multiple alerts as a single result set. Upon arriving on the alert dialog, the option to View Multiple Results is present.


Clicking View Multiple Alerts provides check boxes to select alert result sets to be viewed as well as the ability to select all.


Selecting one or more sets of alert results enables the View Results button.


Clicking the View Results button displays the appropriate results in a new tab.

Display Similarity Scores in Substance Result Sets

Similarity scores for substance results based on a similarity search are now displayed in substance result sets, both partial and full views. The scores are also included in the PDF and RTF downloads.


Update Share Results Functionality

Share Results functionality was updated to use either the CAS SciFindern email service introduced in the 60.2 release or the user’s default email application, if one is established. Clicking the Send with CAS SciFindern button opens the dialog that was previously available and all functionality is equivalent. Clicking the Use My Default Mail App button opens a draft email in the user’s default email application; the email is pre-populated with a subject and link(s) to the shared content as was previously available in CAS SciFindern.