September 1, 2022

  • Updated
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Sort Reactions by Yield

There is now an additional Sort option, Yield, that enables users to sort reaction results by descending yield when reactions are grouped by Scheme or Document:

  • When grouped by Scheme, the schemes are sorted by the highest reported reaction yield of the reactions contained within the scheme and the reactions within the scheme are sorted by descending reaction yield.
  • When grouped by Document, the document containing the reaction with the highest reported yield in the reaction result set is sorted first.

Selecting the sort by Yield option immediately reloads the reaction result set sorted by descending yield; as with all sorts, sort by Yield then becomes the user's new default sort order.


Download Detailed Search History

Users can now download a detailed, chronological history of their activities in CAS SciFindern for a selected time period.

Upon viewing the Search History page, a Download icon _SFn_DownloadIcon.png is present; clicking the icon opens a Download Your Search History window.


Within the window, the user can select the date and time period for which they want to download the history. The Date selection defaults to the current date and the Time defaults to beginning at 12:00 AM and ending at time the dialog was opened.


Clicking the Download button closes the dialog and downloads the user’s history for the selected time period in an RTF file.