April 25, 2022

  • Updated
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Save All and Combine Combined Answer Sets for Reactions

The Save All Results (up to 20,000 results) and Combine Combined Result Sets functionality was extended to include Reactions results.

Search Substances with InChI Key

An Advanced Search Field to search substances by InChI Key was added to a new Chemical Identifier subsection along with Chemical Name. Multiple entries must be delimited by a comma, space, or semicolon.


When searching a substance by InChI key, the InChI key is highlighted on the Substance Detail page and in the PDF Detail download when the Include Substance Identifiers option is selected.

CAS Draw – My Templates

User-defined templates can now be stored permanently in CASDraw, enabling user-defined templates to be used across multiple sessions, browsers, and systems. To save and store a user-defined template, click the Save as Template icon in the horizontal toolbar.


Clicking the Save as Template icon opens an Upload Template window. Once a template name has been entered in the text box, clicking the OK button saves the template. Clicking the Cancel button or the X closes the window with no changes.


To access user-defined templates, click the Structure Templates tool in the left vertical toolbar.


Within the Templates window, user-defined templates can be found in the My Templates section.


User-defined templates can be deleted from the My Templates section by clicking the X located on the template tile.

Stored .cxf files can also be saved as user-defined templates by clicking the Upload Template (.cxf) button in the My Templates section.