March 28, 2022

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Integrate GetFTR Full Text Links

GetFTR full-text links (View PDF/View Source buttons) are now integrated to provide direct access to full-text articles to which a user is entitled to view as part of their institution. The buttons are available on the Reference Detail page.


The buttons are also present on the "View All Sources" page and details for appropriate reactions.



Clicking the button directs the user to the article’s full text in a new browser tab or window.

The button also provides access to Open Access articles.

If the GetFTR link is to an HTML version of the full text, the button will be labeled View Source rather than View PDF.


If an institution is not entitled to view an article’s full text, but the publisher has provided an alternative version, a GetFTR button with a different icon will be present. Clicking the button redirects the user to the alternative version in a new browser tab or window.


If the user's institution is not entitled to an article or there is no alternative version available, the GetFTR button is inactive.


Retrosynthesis – Grouping Alternatives

When viewing a retrosynthesis plan step’s Alternative Steps window, the available alternative steps are now grouped by similarity with an option to view the similar alternatives.


Clicking the View similar Alternatives link expands the similar alternatives in line allowing the user to view the evidence for or select one of the similar alternatives to be displayed in the current retrosynthesis plan.

Once expanded, there is an option to hide the similar alternatives that, if clicked, will collapse the expanded alternatives.


Retrosynthesis – Interactive Solutions Pruning

When viewing a retrosynthesis plan with Predicted Results included, options to exclude a step or structure are present.

Clicking the step node displays a dropdown menu with an option to Exclude This Step.


Selecting the Exclude This Step option removes the step from the current retrosynthesis plan and regenerates the retrosynthesis plan with the step excluded.

Similarly, a substance structure can be excluded from a retrosynthesis plan by clicking the trash can icon located on the structure tile.

If steps or structures have been excluded from a retrosynthesis plan, a View Excluded Options button is present on the toolbar when Predicted Results are included.


Clicking the View Excluded Options button opens a dialogue displaying the excluded steps and/or structures.


Excluded steps or structures can be recovered by clicking the Recover link for the item present in the window.


Search and Display ORCID iDs

An Advanced Search Field option to search authors by ORCID iD is now available in the Authors dropdown menu.


Searching by ORCID iD returns all references associated with that ORCID iD in CAS content. If the reference is returned based on an ORCID iD hit, the author’s name is highlighted.


Regardless of how a reference is encountered, when available, ORCID iDs are present throughout the application wherever bibliographic data is presented.


Clicking an author’s name with an associated ORCID iD opens a dropdown menu with a link to the author's ORCID iD page.


Clicking the link opens that author’s ORCID iD page in a new browser tab or window.

Download Hit Highlighting

Hit structures and text will are now highlighted in PDF downloads.

Enhance Task History

The downloaded task history was enhanced for PDF and RTF downloads.

The following is now included:

  • Larger structure images for structure-based queries
  • Search within results structures
  • R-Group definitions


Download Biosequence Results in FASTA Format

When downloading biosequence search results, a FASTA (.fasta) File Type option is now present. Downloading sequences in FASTA format is limited to the first 100 results.


Clicking the Download button with the FASTA (.fasta) option selected downloads the biosequence results in a FASTA format as shown below.


When downloading a registered sequence from a Substance Detail page, a FASTA (.fasta) option is also present.


Clicking the Download button with the FASTA (.fasta) File Type option selected downloads the registered sequence in FASTA format.

Priority Application Table for Basic Patents in Family

When Priority Application data is available for a patent, a Priority Application table displays on the patent result's Reference Detail page.