March 2, 2022

  • Updated
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Share Biosequences

Upon viewing biosequence results, a Share Results icon is present on the tool bar.


Clicking the icon opens a menu with two share options:


  • Clicking Use My Default Mail App closes the menu and opens a draft email with the default mail app as assigned with the mailto: protocol. The subject is “Shared Results from SciFinder-n” and the body of the email contains a link to the shared biosequence results.
  • Clicking Send with SciFindern option closes the menu and opens a Share Results window.

    After entering a properly formatted email address(es), the Send button becomes active. An optional message can be included.


    Clicking the Send button closes the window and sends an email from ‘SciFinder-n Shared Results’ to the recipient. Clicking the Cancel button closes the window and discards any changes. Clicking off the window closes the window, but retains any changes while still viewing the current page.

Search Substances by Component RN

An option to search Component RNs has been added to the Substances Advanced Search query builder. This feature allows users to search for multi-component substances that contain one or more specific components.


Multiple component RNs can be added to the search field, but must be separated by a space, comma, or semi-colon. Searching multiple component RNs from a single search field will find all multi-component substances that contain ANY of those components.


To search for multi-component substances containing all components, the components must be combined with a Boolean AND operator with the query builder.


Improved Substance Downloads

Several updates have been made to substance downloads.

When downloading substances in PDF or RTF format, an additional option to download Structures Only is present in the download window.


When the Structures Only option is selected, all Include options except for Task History become inactive.

Clicking the Download button downloads the appropriate substances in the selected format and will include the CAS Registry Number, substance image, molecular formula, display name, and related information counts. The download may also include component count, component RN(s), and Preferred RN if applicable.


Multi-component substance images are now displayed in PDF and RTF downloads.

PatentPak Sequence Links/Annotations

CAS Annotated Sequences are Now Included in PatentPak PDF+ and Viewer.

When viewing a Reference Detail page with CAS annotated sequences, links to the PatentPak Viewer are present in the Substances section.


Clicking the PatentPak link opens the PatentPak Viewer in a new tab or window with the appropriate sequence selected and the page of the patent from which the sequence was indexed displayed.