January 7, 2022

  • Updated
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Biosequences Non-Patent Literature for Reports and Preprints

Biosequence results now display references for biosequence results that were indexed from reports and preprints.


Include Ordinals in RTF Downloads

Reference and Substance RTF downloads, for both Summary and Detail Displays downloaded from a Result Set view, now contain ordinals for the downloaded results.



Advanced Search Enhancements

Advanced Reference and Substance search queries can be modified by changing the order of the search fields.


By clicking the drag icon, users can drag and drop the advanced search field to modify the order in which the search fields are displayed and searched.


Update Citation Map

Upon clicking a reference node on the Citation Map, a popup menu displays. This popup menu provides three capabilities:

  1. Clicking the title of the reference opens the Reference Detail in a new tab or window.
  2. Clicking the Expand Citations button expands the Citation Map in the same direction; clicking the Collapse Citations button collapses any citations expanded from the node. Citation Maps can be expanded in both directions and from multiple references within the same layer.
  3. Clicking the Create Map button creates a new Citation Map with that reference as the root document in a new tab or window.


Sort References by Accession Number

Options to sort reference result sets by Accession Number, Ascending and Descending, are now available.


Improve Search History Structure Images

Upon viewing the Recent Search History section of the Home page or the Search History page, structure-based queries now contain a magnifying glass icon in the lower-right corner of the structure image.


Clicking the magnifying glass icon opens a non-modal dialog containing an SVG image of the searched structure which can be panned and zoomed. Clicking the X or off the dialog closes it.